Rank Tracking Software: Advanced Web Ranking Review

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One of the most common tasks of a SEO is to determine the effectiveness of their efforts.  Rank tracking has long been a staple of SEOs for evaluating the effects of their optimization for increasing share of voice and visibility.  There are at least a dozen different rank tracking options ranging from cloud based services to desktop based software, each … Read More

Clear 4g Wireless vs. Road Runner/Time Warner Cable Internet

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Over the last 18 months, I have had the enjoyable experience of using Clear Wireless internet as both my mobile and home internet provider.   Last month, I bought a house located in just about the only dead zone in McKinney, Tx.  While I was in a contract still with Clear, they waved the cancellation fee since the location I moved … Read More

400 Online Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Must Read Lists

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Lists have always been one of the best ways to communicate information.  They are also awesome retweet, link, and bookmark bait! For about 6 weeks I was putting together a list of lists.  I still have a bunch of lists that I never added because I just ran out of time to get this put together.  Since this post has … Read More

Clear 4G Wireless Internet Review After One Year

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It’s been a little more than a year since I signed up for Clear Wireless Internet.  When I first started using Clear, I was constantly on the road with my laptop, Starbucks and McDonald’s didn’t have free internet for everyone, and I didn’t have a smart phone to use while out and about (I actually did have a Blackberry Curve, … Read More

8 Ways Blogging is Like Playing World of Warcraft

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Anyone who has played World Of Warcraft before knows about the stigmas:  No social life, no social skills, Living in a fantasy world, 100% pure addiction.  If you haven’t played, you may have even thought those things about WOW players.  While I don’t play anymore, I can verify that not all those are true (usually). Shockingly, there are actually a … Read More

Digital TV for PC 2 Product Review

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While looking through a few of my affiliate networks for offers to promote, I kept running across one offer that I kept dying to try.  I finally bit the bullet and bought Digital TV for PC 2 (affiliate link).  Promises of 2000 channels including ESPN, CNN, Speed, Comedy Central, HBO, etc.. for only $29 (one time charge) seemed too good … Read More

Why John Chow Will Always Win Referral Contests

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Without a doubt, one of the best ways to launch a product (free or paid) is to offer a referral contest.  Recently, Jonathan Volk ran a month long contest for 3 iPads; the top two refers and one person at random would get iPads. After a couple of weeks, John Chow was so far ahead of everyone else that Jony … Read More

Sponsored Tweets Is Still The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

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With the Twitter network expanding increasingly fast, it has become a prime location for businesses, both large and small, to promote their products.  There is no better advertisement for a product that a referral from a friend. This is where Sponsored Tweets comes in.  If you have a twitter account that is at least 60 days old, has 50 followers, … Read More