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Blake Waddill is a marketing fanatic.  He always wondered “I wonder what the ROI is on that commercial” and “who was the target audience for that one?”  His interest in marketing includes content marketing online, experiential marketing, and social media marketing.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (and a minor in business admin), but quickly found out the majority of jobs for non-PhD chemist  were worse (more boring) than watching grass grow.

While in college, Blake spent most of his time bartending at Blue Mesa Grill, Trader Vic’s, and at private parties for the rich and famous.  During his 4+ years of bartending experience, he learned all about customer service and building a loyal clientele that follow him to any place he worked.

Blake has an almost one year old baby boy born June 2010.  Most of his time not working or blogging is spent with them.

Currently, Blake does experiential marketing for What Will They Do Next as a mixologist promoting Republic liquors including: Jack Daniels, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Tuaca, and dozens of other labels you have come to love.  He also does online marketing and advertisement consulting for local companies.  In January 2011, Blake took a position at Bullseye Media, LLC a marketing company that specializes in online dental marketing.

Finally, Blake is a raging sports and car addict.  He has owned a 400 whp 1990 AWD Eagle Talon, a 750 whp 1994 Toyota Supra, and a 2004 BMW M3 (okay, it was Leah’s, but he drove it more than she did!).  You can find him cheering for the Dallas Mavericks, New England Patriots, Texas Rangers, Jeff Gordan, Kyle Busch, and anyone playing against the Cowboys, Heat, or Yankees.