Clear 4G “Super Fast Mobile Internet™” Review – Is It Time To Go Mobile?

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the move.  I somehow manage to drive nearly 2000 miles every month only traveling in the DFW metroplex.  When you are on the road that much, it’s not always easy to find a place with free WiFi.

Sure, you can stop at Starbucks or fast food chains which are increasingly starting to have free WiFi, but they aren’t always convenient.  Even then, many of these places don’t have power outlets, so you end up getting stuck with a dead laptop (you have a converter for your car, right?).

Finally, there are times my wife needs to check things online while we are driving from one place to another, and it is really nice not having to stop for her to use the internet.

Enter Clear, the high speed 4G mobile network.  Clear is backed by a several big companies you might have heard of like Google and Sprint.  If you live in an area where Clear has coverage, you’ve probably seen dozens of billboards and commercials promoting the product.

Clear claims that you can stream movies, music, and play video games on their 4G network without any hiccups, so I decided to give Clear a try.  You can get an USB card or a standard home based modem or both for $55/month.  I opted to get both since I travel a lot, but also have a home network that my family uses.

Clear 4G Speed

Clear Speed Text Dallas Texas

So far, I’m pretty happy with Clear’s speed.  I’ve found the USB modem tends to be faster overall, but the difference between the home modem and the USB card is pretty slim.

For regular browsing, I have no complaints about the speed.  I don’t really notice the difference between Clear and the Road Runner/TWC internet I had before.  Streaming video also works very well.

Clear ping test dallas texas

I am sorely disappointed with gaming speed though. I haven’t suffered a whole lot of packet loss, but my ping is never under 100 ms.  I feel like I’m always at a serious disadvantage anytime I try playing games online, so I would not recommend relying on Clear if you’re focused on gaming.  Occasionally, I get disconnected, but I can always get reconnected without significant wait.

Overall, I’d give Clear a “B” for speed.  It’s fast enough to use as your exclusive home internet and faster than any other mobile internet.  As long as you’re not gaming, Clear should be fine.

Clear Coverage in Dallas

With Clear just starting, many new towers are going up on what seems like a daily basis.  I live in the northeast area of the DFW metroplex (Mckinney for those of you that know the area).  Driving around, I have found a couple of random dead spots that disconnect me. Also, there are some areas northwest DFW (near Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth) were I would like them to add coverage.

Edit: I’m out near Texas Motor Speedway today, and I was able to get coverage for the first time out here.  The speed is slower than most other areas that are covered, but it does work!  I’m stoked!

Overall, there are very few holes in the coverage, and it’s very nice being able to download videos or stream music while driving.  I would give Clear an “A-” in the DFW area for coverage.

I can’t speak for the other areas, but if you live in Portland, Seattle, Leas Vegas, Hawaii, Atlanta, Chicago, Philly, Charlotte, Raleigh, or pretty much anywhere in Texas, you should strongly consider giving Clear a try.  The network is only going to expand and get faster.


Clear is the most affordable mobile internet option I have found.  You can get one device for $30/month, two for $55/month or three for $75 per month.  You can mix and match between home, mobile and voice.  Personally, having 1 home device hooked up through a wireless router and 2 mobile WiMax cards is perfect.

My only complaint at this point is that they don’t have any affiliate offers because I would promote the heck out of it!

Leave a comment if you have any questions about Clear.