Clear 4g Wireless vs. Road Runner/Time Warner Cable Internet

Blake WaddillReviews

Time Warner Cable Internet Speed testOver the last 18 months, I have had the enjoyable experience of using Clear Wireless internet as both my mobile and home internet provider.   Last month, I bought a house located in just about the only dead zone in McKinney, Tx.  While I was in a contract still with Clear, they waved the cancellation fee since the location I moved to does not have coverage.  That was nice.

Since Clear didn’t work, I had to get something, so I got Road Runner Cable internet for $30/month.  There are two other upgradeable options, but I chose the 10 Mb/s package because I do not download a large amount of huge files.  When I ran the speed test, I was pleased to see that my connection speed was actually must faster than what they claimed.  In fact, on a couple of trials, I ended up hitting nearly 18 Mb/s.

Having been on Clear for 18 month, I had forgotten how much faster Cable internet was.  I could not play video games online with Clear because my ping put me at such a huge disadvantage.  For those of you wondering, Clear is not fast enough for online gaming.  With TWC/Road Runner, I had the best ping of anyone on several of the servers I played on, and I’m not even using the best package.

Another interesting thing I noticed was the upload speed was almost the same for both Clear and Cable internet.  Unless you’re running a server, upload speed isn’t really a huge deal, but it is worth noting.

Cable Internet Is Clearly Better than Clear for Heavy Home Use

As much as I have been a fan of Clear, I just cannot move away from how much faster a hardline internet connection can be.  Compared to DSL, I would still go with Clear.  FIOS and U-Verse are both very fast, but you have to shell out some cash to get them.  Cable internet is without a doubt the best value of speed vs. price.  If you regularly download files that are 50 MB+, you play online games, or you like to stream movies and videos online, I strongly recommend considering Cable internet over Clear 4g Wireless internet.

Clear Is Excellent Mobile Internet and Still Beats DSL for Home Use

For home use, Clear is just as fast as most of the base packages for DSL.  You’ve got to start spending more money on DSL to beat Clear’s speed, so Clear is both cost effective and mobile.  From a mobile standpoint, the coverage for Clear seems to be growing.  I’ve noticed less dead spots throughout DFW; although there are still plenty of places Clear doesn’t work (like my new house!).  If you aren’t home a whole lot or you mostly just browse the internet (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, read a few blogs, etc..), then Clear 4g Internet is an excellent option.

Overall, I’ve been happy with my experience with Clear.  The speed has been sufficient for my use and the cost has been extremely fair.  Don’t be afraid to use Clear as your only home internet, but also realize that if you need some serious download speed, Clear isn’t the answer.

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts about Clear, leave a comment.  I’ve had a bunch of questions e-mailed to me, and I’m sure a lot of people have those same questions.